Parents often ask us how long, in terms of time, is our waiting list. Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer. Although we of course know the number of children on the list, that information alone gives no indication of the length of time that it will take for a place to become available. The reasons for this are:-

The fact that we have a waiting list for children in a particular age group does not therefore mean that it will not be possible to obtain a place at the school. It simply means that we are not able to say when a place will become available. Our waiting lists, for any given admission date, are maintained in strict date order, determined by the date that we receive your registration form. Consequently, if you believe that you would like your child to attend the school in the future, it is important that you send us a registration form as early as possible.

The chart below sets out the current waiting list and vacancy position. When looking at this information do bear in mind that things do change. For example, parents who registered their interest in a place at the school two or three years before their intended start date may have since moved away and therefore no longer require their position on the waiting list. The school will not know this until an offer of a place is made. We therefore usually continue to accept registrations and the only certainty is that without a registration form we cannot offer a place!

A child's year group is determined by the age they become in the academic year beginning on 1st September. Use the calculator here to find out the year group of your child for your chosen admission date, the waiting list information will be highlighted once you click on the "calculate" button:-

Enter child's Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY):
Enter desired Entry Point:

April 2019 September 2019
Pre-School Age 3 Waiting list Places available
Pre-School Age 4 Waiting list Waiting list
Primary School Reception A few places available Waiting list
Primary School Year 1 A few places available Waiting list
Primary School Year 2 No places A few places available
Primary School Year 3 A few places available Waiting list
Primary School Year 4 A few places available A few places available
Primary School Year 5 Waiting list No places
Primary School Year 6 No places No places
Secondary Department All years Currently we only acccept students who have attended our primary school

No places means that there are currently no places available, but there are also no children on the waiting list

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