Triangles teach shape and equivalenceThe pre-school caters for children of ages 3 and 4 years.

There are five classrooms each with mixed age groups and genders. Each class has a teacher and class assistant and a maximum of sixteen children.

The children follow a Montessori teaching curriculum, starting with the practical life exercises designed to develop physical control, coordination and concentration skills; moving through the Montessori materials which teach shape, colour, and relative sizes, and then onto the materials which prepare the children for reading, writing and number work.

Shelves at child-height to encourage independanceReading is taught phonetically and many of the children are reading simple books and doing addition and simple subtraction by the time they move into the reception year.

Dressing frames teach about buttons and bows to encourage independance in dressingChildren can attend the pre-school either for a whole day each week or for mornings or afternoons only. All attendance options are on a five day week basis.

Every child in the pre-school is guaranteed a place in the reception year of the primary school. All children move into reception in the September starting the academic year in which they become five years old.

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