Attendance Options:

Our attendance options fall into two groups:-

Term only, which means attendance only due the teaching terms


All year, which means attendance during both teaching term time and during the majority of the school holidays.

Within these two groups parents can choose between:-

Core hours, which are the teaching hours each day of 9am to 4pm

Extended hours, which give attendance for breakfast club (8am to 9am) and after school club (4pm to 6pm).

Parents of children in pre school can further choose between all day attendance or morning or afternoon only.

Dates for both term times and holiday time attendances can be accessed via the quicklink on the right.

Fees for the various attendance options depend upon the age of the child and the full fee schedules, together with further information on attendance options, can also be accessed via the links to the right. If you are unsure which is the correct schedule for your child please use the calculator below to see their year group.

A child's year group is determined by the age they become in the academic year beginning on 1st September. Use the calculator here to find out the year group of your child for your chosen admission date, their year group will be highlighted once you click on the "calculate" button:-

Enter child's Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY):
Enter desired Entry Point:

Sep 20 Jan 21 Apr 21 Sep 21 Jan 22
Pre-School P P P P P
Reception R R R R R
Year 1 KS1 KS1 KS1 KS1 KS1
Year 2 KS1 KS1 KS1 KS1 KS1
Year 3 KS2 KS2 KS2 KS2 KS2
Year 4 KS2 KS2 KS2 KS2 KS2
Year 5 KS2 KS2 KS2 KS2 KS2
Year 6 KS2 KS2 KS2 KS2 KS2
Secondary Currently we only accept secondary students who have attended our primary school

Please note that all attendance options are on a five day week basis - we are not able to offer part week options

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