Additional Educational Needs (AEN)

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The school is non-selective and no account is taken of any matter when offering a place to a child. However it is very important for a child’s wellbeing that additional needs of any kind are fully discussed by parents and the school before enrolment of a child with additional needs is finalised. This is because it is vital for the child’s educational and emotional development that the school is fully able to accommodate any special arrangements necessary. We will always of course do our very best to do this but we have to live in the real world and there may be occasions where we reach agreement with parents that a child would gain more benefit from an alternative environment.

We are currently located in premises which were taken on a temporary basis and which, as such, do not provide full facilities for some forms of physical disability. We are aware of the need to expand this provision and plans for future permanent premises include full provision for all facilities.

The school has a range of equipment available to support AEN and will make suggestions or recommendations to parents about other equipment which it may be appropriate for them to provide for their child.

Regular meetings with the AEN department are offered to parents of all children for whom inclusion provision or a Study Plan is appropriate. Parents receive copies of their child’s Study Plan and inclusion provision map each time it is updated. Children’s and parents’ views will always be taken into account during these discussions.

Pupils with AEN receive the same level of support for transition between phases of education and in preparation for adult life as all other pupils at the school. When there is a need for additional support, the school’s AEN department will coordinate with parents and/or other schools according to each child’s needs.

Information regarding the personnel of the AEN department and their qualifications is available in the school’s policy and procedure manual. Any complaints about our provision for AEN pupils will follow the same procedure as any other complaint as we make no distinction between AEN related complaints and others.

As an independent school we are currently unable to directly access the support services provided by the local authority which are available to state maintained schools for primary aged children. Nonetheless we maintain contact with the local authority and other bodies in respect of additional needs matters and will always assist parents seeking a referral or professional diagnosis.

The Tower Hamlets local offer contains information about services that are available to children, young people and families in Tower Hamlets. This includes details of the help offered for children and young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) from birth to 25 years. Information can be found at

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